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Extending Compassion, Losing a Child & Evangelization

With tears in her eyes a friend approached me in the parking lot after mass. She was reaching out to comfort me and express her concern for our family celebrating our first Christmas without our dads. She knew that both my husband and I lost our fathers this last year. We moved into a conversation that caused her to ask “where has all the compassion gone?” This has been a common question that many have asked, since I have begun my ministry Creating Space In Your Life. Our family has taken the New Year to ponder the characteristics of the Holy Family, so this week with the baptism of the Lord and through my Sunday Snippets (my weekly blog), I wanted to look further at the virtue of compassion.
Several years ago a very good friend of mine, at 20 weeks along in her first pregnancy was told by her doctor that her baby had a fatal chromosomal condition. Heartbreak doesn’t clearly express the impact that news had on my friend and her husband. After many consultations they were told with almost certainty the baby wouldn’t survive too full term and surely beyond birth. They were given the option to terminate the pregnancy. Through prayer they decided to carry the baby, as long as God would choose. On Thanksgiving Day that year, on her delivery date, she delivered a beautiful baby boy who was already resting in the arms of the Heavenly Father. Benedict’s funeral was emotional for all in attendance and yet the faith demonstrated by my friend, her spouse and both sets of grandparents was a testament to their faith. The priest who presided made the comment “some people live an entire life and never make an impact and yet this little boy wasn’t even able to live one day and his life touched the hearts of hundreds.” Over the years I have always wrestled with how to keep his memory alive. I wanted to honor his life, yet respect my girlfriend and her privacy and pain. Finally I opened the window with my friend and acknowledged the anniversary of his life and then I allowed her to take the lead. She shared that Benedict’s life deepened their roots in Christ and through their beliefs; they found true joy for the life they shared with this child for 9 short months. They also shared a heart of gratitude for all the people who recognize that little boy’s life as a gift, no matter how short. Benedict’s parents took comfort and reassurance in God’s plan through this passage.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD.

  Plans to prosper you, never to harm you;

plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

I think we can all relate to the uncertainty of what to say to a friend, when they have experienced loss or a disappointment. We have all known someone who has lost their job, lost a parent, had trouble with a teenager, stress in their marriage, a child is born with disability, a family member is suffering from addiction or depression, a new mother is wrestling with postpartum the list of life challenges is endless. How to reach out to them, respond or acknowledge them can be filled with uncertainty. Starting with thoughtful consideration of the circumstances, along with prayer may be a good start. I have always appreciated a hand written note, a hug, and a friend who can lend a listening ear.

Recently at a middle school basketball game an 8th grade boy, named Jack with no hesitation came directly up to my husband, extended his hand and said “Mr. O’Flaherty I am so sorry for your loss.” Of course I quickly looked around for his parents to see who nudge him over. Yet his efforts were directed from his own heart. Jack’s ability to demonstrate compassion shows that he was taught or demonstrated this in his own family. At 13 years-old he showed maturity of heart, he took a risk that was driven by concern for another person’s life circumstances over his own feelings.

Last week The Catholic Stand published a blog titled The Prophesy of a Christmas Stamp by Karol Henseler Orsborn. The blog points to the Holy Family as the example for our modern families. Orsborn noted that Pope Francis, has convened the Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, to be held in the Vatican in October 2014. The theme for this Synod will be “The pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization”. I believe Pope Francis is encouraging us to extend the church from the circle of our family out into the world. Evangelization is spreading the gospel of Christ and that is best done through our loving actions. Simply following the Jack’s example of extending compassion would be a good example.
So to my dear friend in the parking lot, I am hopeful that compassion still exists in our world. The feast of the baptism of the Lord, reminds us of our own baptismal promises. We are called to actively engage in extending love and compassion to others. Taking a step to acknowledge another person’s pain can be risky? Sure. Can it be uncomfortable, absolutely? Does it require extra effort, perhaps? Yet, I feel the benefit can transform our world.

Here is Benedict a Thanksgiving gift to our world.


You can read more about The Prophesy of a Christmas Stamp via the following link.

Adopting a Child via Unbound

I wanted to share some exciting news in my Sunday snippets this week. On New Years Eve our family talked about ways that we could try and model the example of the Holy Family. Each of us came up with a few ideas; we talked about saying the rosary as a family on a weekly basis or reading a short verse from scripture on Sunday evenings, or doing works of service within our community among other things. Honestly if we were more patient with each other (myself included), more loving and sharing of our time we would be on a good path.   Many of you know that we have five children. We have been blessed with two girls, then our son and another two girls. We left our NYE dinner without a plan.  Several years ago, while attending our Sunday service I noticed my son was rumbling under his breath and had tears in his eyes.  I leaned over and asked “what is wrong” and he replied “I come here every week and keep asking this God why can’t I have a brother.”  I wrapped my arms around him and said “I ask God the same question.”  So this week we had Father Dan shared with us his ministry, called UnBound (previously the Christian Foundation for Children).  UnBound is a dedicated to tackling poverty in new and innovative ways.  They connect people across cultural, religious and economic divides to live in daily solidarity and work toward a greater good.  They bring confidence, opportunity and encouragement to children and families living on the margins of society in 21 countries.   Throughout the entire church (altar, pews, and at the entrance) they had yellow pamphlets with photos of children of various ages and some adults from countries all around the world.   So after mass we let our son look at all the children and find a boy who was close in his age that we could adopt. Image

Here is our son, looking at our new adopted child – Cesar who is an 8 year-old boy from Honduras, born on October 27, 2005.    His father passed away a few years ago and he is living with his mother and few relatives.   Cesar has a respiratory condition and yet he loves helping his mother around the house and playing with friends.   Cesar is active, smart and math is his favorite subject.   Cesar’s mother does housekeeping and the family income is less than $200 a month.   Our small donation of $30.00 a month will provide Cesar with some very basic needs that come so easily for us in Downers Grove, IL.   We will be writing Cesar letters and they shared that he will be writing back a few times each year.   Cesar will help us keep focused on making different decision each month, as we can surely offer $1.00 a day to be put toward Cesar.  Giving our prayers to Cesar for his health, education and well-being is another small way that we can incorporate Cesar into our family.

Isaish 58:10

 “Work hard to feed hungry people.

 Satisfy the needs of those who are crushed.

 Then my blessing will light up your darkeness.”

Please consider reading more about Unbound

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