Build Confidence by Loving Your Style

Fall brings images of pumpkins, hot cider, Halloween, football games and your favorite warm sweater.  The change of a season often brings the dread of going into your closet and the frustration of having nothing to wear.  The struggle is real, either our closets are disorganized, our physique or our lifestyle have changed, maybe we lack the desire to invest in anything new or creativity to keep up with new trends.  Often we resort to tossing on the same outfit we have worn 100 times; its comfortable, not too worn out and we can zipper it up after that extra bite at dinner.

Then what happens when a special event pops into our calendar, maybe a business function that flows into an evening event, a special anniversary, or simply lunch with a friend that you haven’t seen in years?  We find ourselves in our closet with more things on the floor than on the hanger.   We then head to the malls or search several websites and become overwhelmed, or frustrated by wasting time and money on clothes that we bought under pressure.

As my business has evolved (and my age along with it), I have found my style change, and yet my wardrobe was stuck in 2010, around the birth of my 5th child.  I know something needs to change when my teenage daughters poke fun at me by saying  “Mom, please never wear that outfit again, I can see your underwear lines.”   Yes, my confidence and posture are impacted by certain outfits, both positively and negatively.   

So this fall I decided it was time to consult a trusted friend and stylist.  She’s up on the latest styles “from desk to date night,” and has just the right knowledge to help me bring out my inner “moxie.”  When I’m wearing certain outfits, I feel like nothing can stop me, so we worked together to identify clothes that showcase my personality and confidence, while downplaying areas of my figure that I feel insecure about.  Best of all, she guides me toward signature pieces that are worth investing in, and she gives me the freedom to shop at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, because I love finding a deal.

A good stylist will remind you that clothing and style impact our self-image, brand and business opportunities.  This in turn  affects how others in business and casual settings perceive us and our abilities.   My stylist has researched the influence clothes can have on us, and shared several other good points :

  • People who wore more professional clothing performed better.  —Northwestern University study
  • “Clothes invade the body and brain putting the wearer into a different psychological state.”   —Joshua Davis, assistant professor of psychology at Barnard College
  • “Clothes speak to us, they subtly and dynamically transform us, not just on the outside but on the inside.” —Mind What You Wear, Karen Pine, University professor, talks on the transformational power of clothing.
  • Number of studies show that dressing the part may increase your income.
  • A polished look shows you respect yourself & your clients. It tells prospects that you’re well-organized, detail oriented, pulled together, & professional.
  • When aesthetics are important to your line of work,  a stylish wardrobe tells clients they can trust your taste.
  • More than half of 1st impressions are based on your physical image. You may not get a 2nd chance to make a positive impression.
  • Relationship, knowledge & customer service are what really count in a successful sale, but if you don’t convey a professional image, all the skills in the world probably won’t get you in the door.
  • Your visual image can be what differentiates you from others when all other skills are equal. —REALTORMag


When you’re confident with how you look on the outside, it influences how you feel on the inside:


  • How you perceive yourself, can mean the difference between making sales & needing a new line of work. —REALTORMag
  • You’ll be more approachable when you’re confident, so people feel more comfortable dealing with you.
  • Self-confidence gives you an aura and leads people to trust you, which is critical.   If you have a good image of yourself, you act differently.


Clothing, hair and make-up are only a few exterior details we can change to express our identity and and increase confidence.  Last month while attending a business function, a women complimented my dress.  Then she proceeded to say, “If I wore that my husband would laugh at me.”   Being deeply rooted in self-love helps us put on that outfit and walk into a room with our head held high.  Equally important is empathy and compassion for others who aren’t given that affirmation.  I was humbled by her honesty and reminded that we need to build each other up.    As women we need each other and even 1 nice compliment may be just the thing that someone needs.

If you are looking to clean out your closet, change your style, update your wardrobe or image, or maybe you need help coordinating all the separate pieces you have into one nice clean look, connect with Karen Crowe via her website or Facebook link and she can rock your fall wardrobe and beyond.

Karen Crowe

4 months ago

Peggy, thank you for your kind words and for shining an encouraging light on a subject many women feel they alone struggle with: fashion, whether it’s polishing their professional look, or discovering their own personal style.
You definitely nailed that insecure feeling when you feel your outside appearance isn’t matching the YOU that you want to project to the world.
Women may not know that personal style guidance is an option available to them, often as a complimentary service (as it is with my business). My most gratifying moments are when clients share stories of the TRANSFORMATION they experienced on the inside once they felt confident on the outside. You are a great example of how inner beauty shines more brightly than any piece of clothing you ever put on! : ) Karen

Lisa Traylor

4 months ago

Peggy, you should get an email notification that you got this comment. Can you email me back & let me know if that’s true?

Lisa Traylor

4 months ago

Great article, but testing comments again. 🙂

Peggy O'Flaherty

4 months ago

Wonderful, thanks

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