“Rooted in a Christ-centered marriage, a loving, chaotic home full of five boisterous little ones, and an enduring love for Christ and his Church, Peggy knows well the rocky road of holiness. As a daughter of God, that belonging pervades all she does. She has channeled this into business, her spiritual direction and coaching business and joyful family life with an ability to connect that embodies the Gospel in her fresh, simple honesty and care. She is a wonderful companion to have on the road, a spark to get our hearts burning, a tireless witness to faith.”
– Michael Newhouse, CEO, Hagia Sofia, Inc.


Peggy O’Flaherty is Founder and President of Creating Space, LLC.  She is a small business coach and certified Spiritual Director from The Christos Center in Minnesota. She was one of the Founders of Growing the Faith/OneParish, a Catholic communication platform with over 200,000 users and 200 active parishes.   Peggy has a International Network Marketing Business that empowers individuals to achieve financial freedom, build business skill and achieve the best skincare of their life.   Her credentials include 30 years of faith formation, a B.A. from DePaul University, extensive experience in bible studies, adult faith education, project management, business development, and life experiences as a wife, mother, daughter and friend.

Creating Space offers a multitude of services to help build business, keeping family and faith in the center. Offerings include one-on-one coaching, public speaking engagements, skincare products and franchise opportunities within the #1 Premium Skincare line of Rodan and Fields.  In addition, Creating Space, LLC. extends its reach by publishing faith-based articles, written blogs and video blogs, and by engaging in philanthropy and service opportunities.

Creating Space is rooted in the desire to help people keep centered on in spirituality by understanding how that guides the success in business, family and overall happiness. Peggy is prayerfully attentive to how coaching, discernment and spirituality are integrated into daily living. Her core areas of support include expanding faith in families, entrepreneurs who are building a business, and nurturing parent/child relationships.

“Authentic spiritual ministry cannot happen without a strong ability to listen and hear through God’s ears. Peggy does this well. She also brings her deep, open heart and substantial knowledge concerning spiritual formation to her ministry.”
– Donovan Vicha, The Christos Center

Peggy’s International Skincare is a collection of entrepreneurial minded individuals who are driven to provide residual income through the channel of direct marketing.   The #1 selling brand in the United States is clinically proven and guaranteed results for customers in the area of anti-aging, removing brown spot, acne and sensitive skin. Peggy has coached over 40 women to build a business they love and support them as they continue to prosper.

Peggy lives in Downers Grove, Illinois.  In addition to her ministry, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her husband and five young children.


Partner with Me for Success

Consumers today are living in a digital age, we are connected and doing transactions daily via eCommerce and in many cases through the trusted referral of a friend.  More individuals than ever before are leveraging a second income to change the path of their life.  Home-based network marketing businesses provide residual income and flexibility that is extremely appealing.

Finding the right business, the right partner and establishing credibility is critical to your decision.   Together we can partnering and propel Rodan + Fields mission of “changing skin, changing lives”, founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields into new levels of success.   Leading factors on why this was a perfect fit for me and what if…. this could be the perfect fit for YOU:

  • Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields Stanford trained and practicing dermatologist have been proven wildly success with the ProActiv Solution, this brand recognition creates credibility
  • Rodan and Fields has achieved triple-digit average annual growth in the last 10 years, as people want our products
  • Today the company is a leading player in the lucrative multi-billion dollar anti-aging skincare market, yet only 30% of American are aware of this brand showcases the huge growth potential
  • Rodan and Fields has a unique marketplace proposition leveraging its brand, business model and eCommerce platform, making it easier for you to work from any where to build off using your smartphone or laptop
  • Global expansion of 1 new country every year, my team has personally expanded into Australia and Canada
  • Euromonitor ranked us with 92% of customers loyalty for those who love our products and those who have seen proven results across turning back anti-aging, reducing acne, reversing brown spots and soothing sensitive skin
  • Leadership that encourages empowering others toward success and balance in life and family
  • My coaching! I love my consultants and provide one-on-one coaching as you begin not just on sales, but on creating space for your business and your family.
  • My team! We get together weekly for strategy, encouragement and support
  • Check out my business link to learn more specifically about joining my team.  Message Peggy for more details.
  • http://www.peggyo.myrandf.biz

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