Sandy Hook Mom, Nurturing, Healing, Love

I published this back in November and wanted to support this mom and the memory of her son Jesse.

This morning the Today Show featured an interview with Scarlett Lewis, a mother who lost her son Jesse, at the Sandy Hook school last December.   His memory is living strong in her new book “Nurturing, Healing, Love.” .  She writes about his brave act of love that saved the life of his classmates.   I found this interview about Jesse touching, his mother is an inspiration of strength and faith.  She demonstrates amazing amounts of love and forgiveness.   The link below is the interview with Matt Lauer.   I plan to buy this book for a few friends and even a few teachers.

They have also established a foundation “Choose Love” in her son’s memory that partners with organization that will support and educate children.

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2 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Mom, Nurturing, Healing, Love

  1. Peggy – I didn’t see this interview this morning. I just watched and in awe of Scarlett. She had this horrible tragedy in her life, but turned it into something positive. Her ability to move on and forgive gives me hope of forgiving myself and others. Thank you again for all you do to continue to inspire me.

  2. Thank you for this post, Peggy — such an inspiring, positive message Scarlett shares about forgiveness: “cutting the cord to pain… Angry thoughts can be changed… Taking the path to love is a choice”
    Then on that same Today Show link, the wife of the Nevada teacher who was killed last week by his student says she holds no ill will toward the boy’s family, and instead says “I’m sorry that they’ve lost their son.,, Mr L (her husband) loved him no matter what.”
    What incredible models of peace and love they both are!

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