Our Parents


When you look at these 5 love languages can you find your children, spouse, best friend? Which is your love language?

My Own Mr Right

This post kind of expands on yesterday’s, from mine and Mr Right’s roles as parents to reflecting on the roles of our parents.
I’ve reflected on the importance of parents rather a lot in the last year. Partly because I have spent time worrying about the affect of the dissolution of my previous relationship with my daughter’s father and partly because I have spent a lot of time relying on my parents. I have also been deeply appreciative of Mr Right’s parents, their involvement with my little girl and their incredible son, the fruits of their labours as parents.
Our parents are our first friends, they have held our hands through good times and bad, picked us up and dusted us off, been our loyalist fans, and our most dedicated supporters. Their examples, their leadership, their love, care and attention, their guidance, their rules and discipline are what shape us…

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