Happy New Year, Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival

As 2013 draws to an end and we begin the journey of another year, I wanted to pause and say Happy New Year. It is a very chilly evening in our little Midwestern town and the snow is falling gracefully.  I was sitting near the window, watching the snow fall and thinking of how New Years Eve is different with children. Our big plans our attending 5:15 mass, as two of our daughters are alter serving and then we are heading for Japanese where my husband impresses the kids with his eloquent Japanese that he learned in his twenties. This little tradition allows us time to share our top moments of the year and project our ideas, individually and as a family for 2014. Sitting here watching the snow fall I am pondering my 2013 highlights and I am surely thinking of my dad and Shane’s dad. Our greatest gift this year was having two amazing fathers.  They taught us so much about hard work, faith and family.  We were equally blessed to share the final moments of their life, caring for them and joining our family to celebrate their life.   Believing in God and heaven made our letting go much easier, as we know we will see them both again.   

Just moments ago, my 8 year old daughter came over and gave me the most lovely hug that lingered and our embrace reminded me of another highlight, simply being a mom of 5 great kids.  Writing a blog and participating in groups such as the Association of Catholic Women is equally a highlight.  Going forward I hope to join their blog site under the title of Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival, which is basically a weekly blog on how I view the world.  Last Sunday we celebrated The Feast of The Holy Family.   This lovely feast day provided me a great theme for our 2014 family New Year’s Resolution.   The Holy Family modeled unconditional love, obedience, trust and faith.    All of these qualities are surely a goal worthy for us to follow in the upcoming year.

Thanks to all of you for following my blogs, my site and this ministry.     A special big thanks to my husband for everything.  I am blessed.   

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival

  1. This is a great way to be able to hear your thoughts. We are blessed to have so much in our lives. The people and the great thoughts. As I was out shoveling yesterday I remembered when we all would go out and help our dad. I am glad we weren’t wimpy kids and we found greatness in helping our parents. They taught us so much. Spending time with mom this past weekend was priceless. She too has taught us that work is rewarding. Yesterday was a great day. After shoveling I came inside and made soup and did a bunch of chores. It is a great feeling to prepare for the days to come. Bringing organization around our lives puts peace in our lives. Looking forward to sledding on Friday! Love you lots.

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