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Growing the Faith FINALGrowing in faith has been the core of my ministry by supporting individuals through spiritual direction, retreats and speaking engagements. Unexpectedly, through God’s grace, my husband and I are now living parallel lives.

Shane, my husband, is a co-founder of a new business, Growing the Faith. Together with his partners they share a strong faith, love of family and an education at the University of Notre Dame, followed with repeat successes in multiple business ventures.
Growing the Faith is launching its new App, “One Parish,” to Catholic Parishes and Schools throughout the country. The One Parish App was developed to fulfill the need of Catholic Parishes to enrich faith life and increase stewardship using modern technology. Their mission follows nicely with the message of Pope Francis about inclusiveness and reaching people where they are at in their life.
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Catholic – Connected – Community
What can you expect from the One Parish App?
  • Parish Directory compiles family and individual data into an easy-to-read page that allows parishioners to connect with each other and details parish involvement.
  • Daily Growth offers thoughtful readings, saints of the day and daily reflections for individuals to help them be the best they can be!
  • Calendar allows parishioners to update all their events in one place. In addition, allows parishioners to opt in to a calendaring system geared toward parish and school events including: altar serving, ushering, adoration, sports, retreats and more!
  • Donate gives parishioners a 24/7 opportunity to donate to weekly contributions, ministry appeals, events, fundraising campaigns and more!
  • My Parish collects parish and school details that parishioners need to stay connected and keep informed.
  • Find a Parish is our map system that will guide parishioners to other Catholic parishes while traveling.
  • My Profile is completed by each parishioner to update their contact information, add a photo and list parish involvement.
Pastors and parish administrators respond with great enthusiasm to the One Parish App. They believe it will finally meet their current demands to help parishioners grow their faith life by connecting to their Parish in many different ways. In addition, the App simplifies and expedites volunteer and monetary stewardship.
Our home parish, St. Mary of Gostyn in Downers Grove, will launch in early March. Shane, with his partners, are currently meeting with Parishes to present the features of the App. If your Parish or someone you know may be interested in talking with Shane, please contact him with the phone and email listed below. If you would like to provide an introduction into a parish, Shane would be honored to follow up.
Shane and I both pray that God grants us the grace we need to continue His work in His name. Please keep us in mind as you visit parishes or meet or think of people where this App could positively effect people’s faith life. Our brochure (click on brochure to read) gives more information.
Thank you for your for consideration, and thank you for a referral or an appointment. We appreciate any support you can offer.
God’s Blessings,
Peggy & Shane O’Flaherty
Creating Space & Growing the Faith

Growing the Faith – Brochure  (click on the brochure to load)

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Grow the Faith at Your Parish and School!
Contact Shane at and (312) 497-7804
Growing the Faith – Brochure (click here on brochure to see more details)

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  1. Hi Peggy – Excellent article and description of the Application. Looking forward to using it! Hilary

    Hilary Denk h 630.724.9528 c 630.725.8066

    • Thanks Hilary we appreciate your support. Would your family have any connection at others parishes in the area or country? We know the personal introduction really helps, as we go in to meet a pastor. Once they see it we have had great responses. Your introduction could really help. Thanks

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    • Thank you for looking at the OneParish app. by Growing the Faith. If you would like to learn more we would be happy to send you more information on the product and chat over the phone. Kindly.

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