40 Day Lenten Calendar – Small Act Kindness

The 40 Day Lenten Calendar (below), although originally created for children is now updated for adults.

Sister Michael Gurgone was the kindergarten teacher at our school for over 30 years.  She retired at the end of last school year, yet her traditions live on within our school and community.  Every Lent she would create a 40 day-calendar for our kindergarten children with 40 simple acts of kindness, prayers and fasting.  Sister Michael’s approach was appealing to the children, achievable and had far reaching impact on the children’s family and their parents.

Lent has always been my favorite time of the liturgical year, as I specifically like the opportunity to journey through 40 days with a new vigor in my prayers, fasting and almsgiving.  Lent is often considered a time to abstain from something but I have always viewed it as a means to stretch me physically and spiritually in preparation of awaiting Easter and the Resurrection.  I always remember my parents being so dedicated to the guidelines of our faith tradition during Lent. They encouraged us, as we matured, to enter into reading sacred scripture, attending retreats and “giving something up” with greater intensity.   An adult faith journey varies greatly based on where we are at on our faith journey and although Sister Michael’s 40 small acts were intended for children, I think many will find it meaningful.

Adapted from Sister Michael this printable 40 day Lenten calendar can be designed around your unique journey.   Perhaps on some of the days you will spend more time in prayer and reading.   On other day, reach out to someone to say that you are thinking of them with a quick email or maybe a more elaborate way, by bringing a friend or a grandparent a meal.  Prayerfully consider this Lenten season as an invitation to grow in your faith and to draw yourself closer to God.

“Unless you turn and become like children you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 18:2

Enjoy this printable calendar for the 40 days of Lent.


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7 thoughts on “40 Day Lenten Calendar – Small Act Kindness

  1. Oh! I am so happy to meet you! and I love this post. Thank you for coming to my blog so I could find you. I’m looking forward to Journeying through lent with you.

  2. Great idea to incorporate prayer, fasting, and alms giving with the little ones. I’m sure Sr. Michael touched many young lives in her career. We homeschool and my wife makes up something similar that the whole family can use. It’s always a challenge to get all gas involved. God bless!

    • Thank you for your comment. May God continue to bless your family for homeschooling. What a gift. I have had several adults who said the 40 day challenge although many of the small acts are simple it will be a challenge for them.

  3. That calendar looks great. I love how you incorporate all the different aspects of Lent into it. What a wonderful way to make sure we do give alms, we do pray and we do actually fast this Lent. Those are great ideas…especially the ones about reaching out and brings meals to people. We definitely could do more of that.

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