Last night our oldest daughter received her fourth sacrament, Confirmation.  The Mass was celebrated by Abbot Austin Murphy and he reminded us that we have already received the gift of the Holy Spirit during our Baptism.  The Confirmation is another level of accepting the love that Christ gives to us.  God’s love come to us in the form of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which we have been given to be shared out into the world.  During the Liturgy the choir did an outstanding job singing “Go Light Your Candle” by Chris Rice.  I shared this song via the youtube video, as perhaps a reminder or for inspiration.  The opening lyrics begin……”There is a candle in every soul, some brightly burning, some dark and cold. There is a Spirit who brings a fire – ignites a candle and makes His Home.” and then the song goes on “So carry your candle, run to the darkness, seek out the hopeless, confused and torn……”

Grania Confirmation 2

This year I have been pondering the scripture from Jeremiah chapter 29:11 “I alone know the plans I have made for you, plans to bring about the future you hope for.”  Considering my own candle has been feeling dark and cold, this scripture is frustrating for me.  It is great that God has plans for me, I wish I knew the full details of those plans.   Yet when I heard this song it provided me a bit of comfort, knowing Christ has His Home in my heart.  I find comfort in being thankful to see the candle burning brightly in others, especially my newly confirmed daughter.

Perhaps I know God’s plan for me, at least for now, go and pick my kiddos up from the bus stop, help with homework and make dinner.   Amen.

9 thoughts on “Confirmation

  1. Nice job Peggy. And Abbot Austin Murphy’s homily was wonderful. It was simple and I think he connected with both the kids and the adults.

  2. Loved your closing prayer, Peggy. : ) “Carry your candle, run to the darkness, seek out the hopeless, confused and torn……” has special meaning for me this week, which I had not recognized. Thank you for lighting my way, and reminding me that our warmth can overcome the cold.

  3. I have a daughter who will be confirmed in April. It’s always amazing hearing all those young people denounce Satan. Brings my tears to my eyes. Congratulations to your daughter!

    • I know you have a house full, as I do. Give yourself extra time to iron those red gowns. It took me three attempts. Enjoy the confirmation, it seems like she just had First Holy Communion.

      • Wow. Ironing that gown looks tricky. Our area/diocese must do it different. They just dress up. It’s so hard to find a dress that is appropriate. Luckily, she is short, so skirt length is less of an issue!

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