Adoption Is A Gift

maeve naughton headshot

Almost 30 years ago my sister and brother-in-law came home from the hospital carrying the most darling little girl swaddled in a pink blanket.  My sister was a teacher and had been trying for years to have a child.  During the summers she had a job working as a waitress and would often share her desire to be a mother and the hope of adoptions with the local patrons.   Through a friend of a friend one of the patrons connected my sister to a local obstetrician which  eventually lead to a young women who made the loving decision to share her child with our family.

When I received a letter from a dear family friend and her desire to welcome a baby into her life, I was reminded of my niece and my sister.    I met Maeve Naughton 25 years ago. She grew up in San Francisco Bay Area with her 2 brother and sister; along with Allie and Art her parents who instilled those values we all desire for our children.  Maeve is well educated has had a lifetime of serving others in the South Pacific and still today.  She does marketing for a technology company, loves her work, her dog and being active.   Maeve has an attitude of gratitude and an enormous heart, she would be a loving mother and a gift for any child.

Through friends of friends we each play a role in helping fulfill dreams for people.  Please take a moment to learn more about  Maeve Naughton Online via her iheartadoption site.   If you have question I would love to talk with you more and share my experience of loving and knowing Maeve personally.   Thank you, Peggy