These testimonials offer a further introduction to Peggy’s approach, personality, attributes, skills and gifts.

“When you hear the expression “what would Jesus do?,” I always think of Peggy. She has a constant way of expressing kindness, peace and love not only to her family and close friends, but to everyone she comes in contact with.  When you meet Peggy, you instantly feel embraced, by what I have come to believe in more strongly, as TRUE FAITH. She is that unique and special human being that will always pick you up, no matter where she finds you.”
L.M., Downers Grove, Il.

“Peggy O’Flaherty is a gift from God. Because of Peggy’s dedication to her ministry and her compassion to help others, I felt the presence of The Holy Spirit at every meeting. I usually came into the meeting feeling apprehensive and, at times, sorrowful, but always left the meeting feeling elated and hopeful. Thank you, Peggy, for your spiritual direction!”
Linda Hillsman

“Peggy O’Flaherty is a vibrant young wife and mother who really understands the importance of a loving relationship with God. As a spiritual director, Peggy accompanies people on their sacred journey to help them discover God’s presence in their life. She is also a gifted retreat facilitator, presenter, and spiritual blogger. Peggy clearly understands the spiritual needs that are relevant to women and families in today’s world.”
~ Dr. Mary Amore, Executive Director of Mayslake Ministries in Lombard, Illinois   www.mayslakeministries.org

“The Parish Pastoral Council of St. Mary of Gostyn sought the guidance of Peggy O’Flaherty when discerning roles for Commissions and when discerning council membership. Peggy also offered support to the Council by providing instruction in prayer techniques that would be useful to the faith development of the council members. Peggy supported the council in its development as a spiritually based council, allowing for the listening to the Word of the Lord.  We thank Peggy for her guidance and direction in the Spiritual Development of the Parish Pastoral Council.
~ Janet Sherburne, Chair of the Pastoral Council, St. Mary of Gostyn Catholic Church, Downers Grove, Illinois

“Authentic spiritual ministry cannot happen without a strong ability to listen and hear through God’s ears. Peggy does this well. She also brings her deep, open heart and substantial knowledge concerning spiritual formation to her ministry.”
~ Don Vicha, Facilitator for Tending the Holy, Christos Center

“Rooted in a Christ-centered marriage, a loving, chaotic home full of five boisterous little ones, and an enduring love for Christ and his Church, Peggy knows well the rocky road of holiness. As a daughter of God, that belonging pervades all she does. She has channeled this into spiritual direction and active ministry and joyful family life with an ability to connect that embodies the Gospel in her fresh, simple honesty and care. She is a wonderful companion to have on the road, a spark to get our hearts burning, a tireless witness to faith.”
~ Michael Newhouse, CEO, Hagia Sofia, Inc.

“Peg is a wonderful combination of deep faith, great intelligence and a wonderful sense of humor. She is eminently qualified for the ministry she has chosen! In a world where she could make unbelievable achievements, Peg has chosen to bring the Word of the Lord to her brothers and sisters – a marvelous achievement in itself. A primary quality of a Spiritual Director and Religious counselor is to be aware of and confident of your own direction. Peg O’Flaherty has shown in so many ways that she is aware of where she is going and full of confidence of getting there. Peg O’Flaherty is an outstanding woman, wife, mother and parishioner. She has those qualities that draw people to her – the presence of the Spirit is obvious to all who encounter Peg. Her chosen ministry is simply an outgrowth of these qualities and it is why she will be successful!”
~ Father William Cullen, Parish Senior Priest in Residence, St. Mary of Gostyn Catholic Church, Downers Grove, Illinois

“Peggy doesn’t just talk about her faith or how important her faith is to her. She lives her faith by the example she sets not only for her 5 children, but also for other mothers in our community. As most women are these days, she is pulled in many directions and yet she makes it priority to volunteer in our church, school, and community. She is a positive role model and demonstrates what it means to love others by giving of herself.”
~ Steve Sobkowiak, Partner, Oakley Home Builders, Downers Grove, Illinois

I met Peggy through the school our children attend. At the time I did not know her background other than someone who was an involved Mom at her children’s school. One day I attended our church’s bible study and sat in the back. The one friendly face I already knew invited me to join their table, which was being led by Peggy. By the end of that day’s study, I knew I had found a sense of home, related to my own spiritual journey. Peggy was able to listen and position questions to our group that made us all feel welcome, comfortable, and trusting. My family has since moved away and attend services elsewhere, but I still find my spiritual home where Peggy is listening, guiding, and teaching.”
~ L.T., Clarendon Hills, Illinois

“When I first heard Peggy talk at Christos, I immediately sensed a young woman who, despite her extremely hectic life raising five young children, was intent on pursuing a life with God in that busy-ness. I was privileged to get to know Peggy as a peer in spiritual direction, as a retreat leader, and friend. Her tenderness towards the broken, her God-given giftedness to ask insightful questions by listening thoughtfully, and her authenticity are qualities that have prepared her well for companioning others in their spiritual journey. Her care of souls has been a blessing to me and many others.”
~J.H., Christos Center

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