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OneParish Brochure. Click to Download.


Growing the Faith founders share a strong faith, love of family and a background at the University of Notre Dame.   Ryan Kreager, Tim Connors and I have all had proven success in business and now we are bringing that to our Catholic churches. We created a parish platform called “One Parish.”  Our mission follows nicely with the message of Pope Francis about inclusiveness.   The product  reaches people where they are at in life and helps them on their spiritual journey.   The product also draws them into their church community.     We have one out every five OneParish app users in every parish in the United States.

Visit our website at One Parish
Catholic – Connected – Community

Features of the OneParish App

  • Modern evangelization tool
  • Allows you to connect with parish and parishioners via parish directory
  • Calendar and event management system keeps you connected to parish
  • Faith content and daily readings will inspire your daily living.
  • Convenient mobile donation platform
  • Provides mirror image via the web.
  • Tailored to the needs of your parish community
  • Allows parish staff flexibility to be more focused on parishioner

OneParish App was developed to fulfill the need of Catholic Parishes to enrich faith life and increase belonging and stewardship. This is a single source system that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

View the OneParish Downloadable Brochure for a snapshot of the App. or via twitter for more information.

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