Spiritual Direction

Why Experience Spiritual Direction?

“Spiritual Direction addresses the most fundamental question,
“Who is God for me and who am I for Him?”

Spiritual Direction is a ministry that is focused on walking with people as they travel along their faith journey.

  • Spiritual Direction is the art of prayerful listening during an individual or group session to help the guest(s) understand where God may be present in his/her/their life.
  • Discernment is the art of prayerfully considering God’s will for each other to determine a particular calling.

“Peggy O’Flaherty is a gift from God.  Because of Peggy’s dedication to her ministry and her compassion to help others, I felt the presence of The Holy Spirit at every meeting.  I usually came into the meeting feeling apprehensive and, at times, sorrowful, but always left the meeting feeling elated and hopeful.  Thank you, Peggy, for your spiritual direction!”
~ Linda Hillsman


Private One-Hour Sessions
A one-on-one session with a certified Spiritual Director helps the individual deepen their faith life by helping understand how he/she experiences their faith and then explore areas for faith enrichment. Typically, sessions are once a month for 60 minutes.

Small Group Spiritual Direction
Groups may choose to enter into spiritual direction in a communal space to create an atmosphere of attentive listening.   Creating Space supports your efforts through facilitation, guidelines and best practices.

Discernment and Group Facilitation
Creating Space provides small group facilitation and discernment to ensure a group remains engaged with holy intent for the purpose of the meeting.

“When you hear the expression “what would Jesus do?,” I always think of Peggy. She has a constant way of expressing kindness, peace and love not only to her family and close friends, but to everyone she comes in contact with.  When you meet Peggy, you instantly feel embraced, by what I have come to believe in more strongly, as TRUE FAITH.  She is that unique and special human being that will always pick you up, no matter where she finds you.” ~ L.M., Downers Grove, Il.


  • Enrich Your Faith
  • Become Self Aware
  • Experience Healing
  • Find Contentment
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Expand Prayer Practices
  • Accept God’s Unconditional Love for You


Contact Peggy O’Flaherty for Spiritual Direction opportunities or for more information.

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